Excalibots (2019)

During Fall 2019, I was hired by a student team to work on some animations for their 3D top-down hack-n-slash game. I primarily did the animations sets for two NPCs as well as an enemy variant in the game. For the large enemy, I animated all of it's idle, movement and attack animations while the others were mostly character interactions and emotes.

I also helped finish some line work, coloring, and animating for their 2D in-game cinematic cutscenes.

Kisuk: The Raven's Daughter (2018-2019)

In Junior Year, I was picked up by a student game team as the Lead Creature Designer and Creature Animator for their 3D Unity-Engine game based around Inuit folklore and features several spirit creatures. Within the year, we were able to implement basic Caribou enemies as well as a Polar Bear boss. Though other spirits were planned, the game team ultimately collapsed the following summer.

Delivery Sign Here (2017-2018)

During Sophmore Year, I worked on student film team to create what was first called "That's Not Cute" before being renamed "Delivery Sign Here". As one of the character designers and animators, I designed the main "antagonist" Puffy the Alien, both in their cute and ravenous forms, as well as planned and animated their movement.

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